About Us

Hello and Welcome to Spinoja’s Timberland – The manufacturer of solid wood furniture and an ultimate destination of home décor with a difference. It’s the passion of two guys Spinoja & Ranjan to make your house a home led to cofound Spinoja’s Timberland. The ecstasy in the accomplishment of beautifully designing their own home drove them into the furniture business. Started a decade ago, they continue with the pursuit of bringing happiness and bliss to more and more families around the world.

Our memory dates back to the time when furniture was an integral part of our lives and passed on to the future generations. An unforgettable moment of my life was when I inherited my grand-mother’s dresser & mirror which she inherited from her parents. This clearly shows the importancet and value of household furniture in our lives. We often heard stories about furniture, how they have come and become an inevitable part of our lives.
Hardwood furniture hold the distinction of being the most traditional among all granting us an opportunity for becoming part of a memorable history.But when it comes to the value for money and elevating our standard of living, it is always considered as a class in itself. The demand for antique furniture & decors speaks it all.


The hardwood furniture market is getting a big time hit among buyers with a class. It becomes little expensive due to increased operational costs. Due to limitations on the skill of manufacturing hardwood furniture, its availability is always a concern. And it changes more than couple of hands before landing on retailer’s warehouse. This is what makes us to pay few extra bucks to own it in our homes.

Sad Story…

Now the trap of buying crap and cheap furniture, popular as modern stylish furniture is clearly showing in the dump yard to a second-hand market. We are forgetting our social responsibility of a pollution free world. Millions and millions of plastic furniture are getting manufactured every year but our discussion is limited to use of plastic bags in retail store.

We Offer….

Unlike the big, inefficient retailers, we find some real cool, eco-friendly furniture. To reduce environmental impact, furniture can be made with more sustainable wood, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. No mass production, no assembly and no studying of set up instructions. We are giving you a piece of art/craft just get it and enjoy using it. We are pricing our solid wood hand crafted furniture quite competitive and we normally make it as a package, so you don’t have to spend time for shop around each item. We can only say one thing, “take a piece of wood craft and enjoy for the rest of your life”