About Us

Our Story

Spinoja Ray who burn in country-side small town in Odisha, India completed her initial education in her hometown. As she spent most of her childhood in countryside, she always values both quality and style. Furniture made with inferior quality even with style never being a choice of Spinoja. After working in software development and database maintenance for some years in Dubai, she understood her passion is for something else.

She always gets attracted beautiful designed houses and their interiors. Then she started following her passion and went on giving advices to people, how to make their home a beautiful place of leaving.After working as a freelancer as an interior and furniture designer in Dubai, she moved to Canada with her family.

She continued her passion and started getting home and furniture designing projects. After few successful years of home and furniture designing, she completely went into designing furniture as she still thinks a beautiful piece of furniture is a piece of art.

What We Offer

We bound to provide wooden furniture without harming the natural habitat of our mother Earth. And maintaining artwork and culture of handmade wooden furniture in Canada. We strive to use materials that are sustainably sourced. We believe in supporting artisans and craftsmen and their crafts. As a brand we want to preserve and use the dying, traditional techniques of decors and furniture making. We custom design furniture and decors to exactly fit to your dream home with an elegant look. Our experienced team will take the utmost care to deliver and install almost all our precious and elegant pieces to make sure you get what you wish for. We are planning to develop a manufacturing unit in Canada for more swift delivery.

We are planning to develop a manufacturing unit in Canada for more swift delivery.

Our manufacturing process

Social Responsibilities

Employment increase

Our designers and craftsman are mostly from villages. Spinoja team hascreated a huge opportunities by employing poor people for supporting manufacturing work.

Minimizing of Pollution

All of our furniture are made from natural woods which minimizespollution rate.


We consider ourselves information specialists and not a typical salesperson, whowill provide you with the right information for your specific need.